I will make you dance ! 13_aout.jpg

 And I will make you appreciate the culture -

the history and the fun of moving to a different beat !

Master Teacher of QUEBEC's french canadian dances - specialist in Greek dances.

I WOULD LOVE TO GO TEACH AND DANCE WITH MORE PEOPLE so don't hesitate to contact me for your next workshop

by email at    an-h2m@hotmail.com  

CD 1 Dances   NOTES and  MUSIC

CD 2- Dances   NOTES with VIDEOS  - and  MUSIC

CD 3 Dances  MUSIC� and video and notes of the dances

CD 4 Dances   MUSIC      and the  dance Notes    

Born in Quebec's Outaouais of French Canadian parents, music and dance have always been part of my life. Hull (now called Gatineau) was founded in 1800-01 and saw people of different areas moving there to find work.  So did my grand-parents.  The mix of French, Irish, Scottish and English makes for some interesting differences in the way we dance.

I did some folk dancing I was 10 years old, stopped then started again at 15 and never stopped since. From fun to serious work, having to take jazz, ballet and character in order to perform stage style folklore it got me to learn hungarian in Hungary, Romanian in Romania and greek in Greece.  Research and travel have completed my understanding of the relationship between dance, culture, history, society and spirituality of people and my university studies complement well my folk dance activities as they are in History, Sociology and Education.

Always eager to meet and dance with people

A mix of - Teaching - Workshops & Choreography over the last 45 years

To adults and children

- INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCERS OF OTTAWA - artitistic director - workshop - teacher / ArLeDs - dancer / AMI HAI Israeli Dance Company of Ottawa - dancer / ORPHEUS operatic Society of Ottawa - dancer / INTERNATIONAL DANCE ENSEMBLE of Ottawa - dancer / INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCE ENSEMBLE (Lori Shapiro) New York - dancer / OTTAWA BOARD OF EDUCATION - teacher / GATINEAU BOARD OF EDUCATION - teacher / HUNGARIAN community of Ottawa - choreographer / NEPEAN CENTER POINT CHOIR - choreographer / MONTREAL POPULAR ARTS - workshops / University of TORONTO FOLK DANCER - teacher / KINESKAMIE (Baie Comeau) choreographer / CAMP HESS KRAMER CALIFORNIA - workshop / NARODNI CALIFORNIA - workshop / UNESCO WORL DANCE CONFERENCE - GREECE - workshop / ETHNIC EXPRESS of LAS VEGA - workshop / ....


PLAKA_night_2.jpg PLAKA_night.jpgAMI_HAI_-_1976_Montreal_Olympic.jpg

PLAKA NIGHT Ottawa... Zeibekiko any one ?        1976 Montreal Olympic


July 1st Ottawa      (French Canadian suite)    Laografia greek conference 2011

Tcheque_IDE_3.jpg Tcheque_IDE_5.jpgWith_Beverly_Barr__Gabrielle_Breznik.jpg

International Dance Ensemble -                            Gabrielle, me, Beverly Barr - California



DEMO video for the french canadian danceCARIBOU